During pregnancy, women are vulnerable to diseases, and they have to take extra care up until the nursing period. Staying away from smoking or drinking alcohol is not enough but everything to do with your body during this time like personal care and eating are vital. When pregnant, you have to scrutinize the items your purchase for personal care as so items may be harmful to your baby and yourself as well. Mothers should get help on what to look for in these personal care products

Common personal care products for every pregnant woman


These are the most common product used by not only pregnant women but for everybody. The content of the soap is therefore very important. You use soap several times a week hence using the wrong soap frequently will harm your skin and your baby’s skin as well. For pregnant women, it is advisable to use those made from lavender oil, palm oil, shea butter, primrose oil and coconut acid. Soaps containing cocoate, linalool, limonene, glyceryl, oxybenzone and geraniol chemicals should be avoided as they can lead to toxicity of the organ system and cancer. It is also advisable for pregnant women to keep off soaps that have additional fragrances.


This is another sensitive item as it goes directly into the mouth on a daily basis and if you do not choose the right one, then it impacts the baby directly. Ensure that you settle for toothpaste with contents like propolis, myrrh, and water but avoid alumina. Papain, methylparaben and propylene glycol since they cause allergic reactions. They also lead to organ and neuro system, reproductive and developmental toxicity that will harm your baby.


Pregnant women should also be careful about what they use when washing their hair. Shampoo made from salicylic shampoozxjdkflgbkvcjxhcghacid, lactic acid, parabens, and benzenes are harmful to your general health and hair as well. These also cause biochemical, developmental and cellular hazards that will affect the baby in the run long.

When buying personal care products for pregnant women, you should do a careful inspection to see that you do not choose products with harmful ingredients. With the knowledge of these products, you know what not to buy when choosing personal care items. Ensure also that you buy from credible stores to clear any doubts.…